Young Entrepreneurs of Today Creating a Greater Tomorrow

Here is what FSH offers young and hopeful entrepreneurial spirits:

Build your network

Meet other young entrepreneurial spirits and make friends for life or future colleagues

Develop new skills

Learn entrepreneurial tricks from mentors, innovation experts and business leaders

Co-create your startup

Launch or join start up teams to co-create what’s next. Share, vote and comment on new business ideas

Solve real problems

Receive invitations from selected organisations, to cocreate on real problems and solutions

Score points & cash

Earn Creativity, Curiosity and Generosity points. Compete for cash rewards and other incentives

Here is what FSH offers 'old and desperate' organisations:

Easy access to ideas

Raise a challenge and engage a crowd of super energic young idea-sprouts in just a few minutes

Bubbling participation

In addition to the branding effect towards young masterminds, you also get their shares, votes and comments

Tasks solved

Looking for specific insights or ideas ? No problem, set up a survey, call for ideas or specify weekly or daily tasks

Evaluation tools

Analyse trends or evaluate ideas with proven methods from Europes leading future strategist, Kairos Future

Faster action

Benefit from faster gathering and validation of insights and ideas. Make ideas fly or send to archive

Here is a story about who FSH is:

About us

Bold parents

StartCentrum who arrange the Emax Conference contacted Kairos Future who has the digital platform Cotunity. They shared passion and ambition

About us

Co-created concept

A good handful of previous Emax participants and a crowdsourced named and logo tournament resulted in what you see here

About us

Strong partners

Sponsors and partners joined to finance the first instance of the app, and we are planning to continue develop our network and application with sponsors and partners

About us

EMAX 2018 launch

During EMAX 2018 we wish to gather more ideas and network on how to build FSH stronger together